The Dog Park
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Carl’s Comedy Class
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About once a month you can expect under 3 minutes of dog watching pleasure.  We chat with dog owners and watch the show unfold.  Lower your blood pressure without the cost of dog food, Sign up for “The Dog Park” and learn what the gurus know.  Of course, I can’t tell you what that is. You can lead a horse to water...
Carl Kissin teaches this improv comedy class in Manhattan’s upper west side.  It’s real and we show you just the most tasty tidbits of these marathon 3 hour classes.  This year Carl’s had a show on Broadway and now THIS!  Look for Carl’s Rules of Comedy and other longer pieces here on our site as we go along.  This show is DEEP!
Our Undercover Reviewers visit restaurants we know and love and record the meal, the conversation, and the atmosphere for you, our loyal viewers, to enjoy and even sample!  Our identities are secret, but our conversations are real.  Guest diners are a regular feature.  Sign up for delivery to enter our food sweepstakes.  Be a diner on a real show!  More info to come!
San Francisco
15 year old film maker, Helena Kent, shows us an image both sophisticated and fresh.  Experience the world through her eyes in this unique series.  San Francisco, both meditative and astounding.  
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